“By holding on to my fascination for traditional crafts, heritage and the urge to design differently in these uncertain times, I started working with what I have. The current global situation challenges us all to act, think and create in a different manner. The collection consists of eight looks that have been selected from the archive in my atelier. These looks represent the uniform of Tess van Zalinge, in which I experiment, improve and renew.” – Tess van Zalinge

Sept 2020 Tess van Zalinge launched her new collection at the iconic House of Bartolotti in Amsterdam.

‘Patchwork 2020’ is born out of a need for craft in these uncertain times, born out of the fascination for Dutch heritage and the urge to improve, renew and experiment with the designer’s archive. The signature of Tess van Zalinge is present; body-following silhouettes, the use of various crafts such as patchwork, knitting, folding and quilting with all left-over archive material. A core message to look at new approaches into the fashion industry, new ways of making a change in the impact of the garments that are created.
In terms of silhouette and fit an enhancing step is made on both a virtual and crafted level. The interpretation, elaboration and tactility consists of many layers of development. The designs celebrate the uniform and show in a liberating way that working with what you have available leads to inspiration, innovation and sustainability.
Patchwork takes on the largest role in the collection in terms of craftsmanship. Tess van Zalinge; ‘This technique is distinctive, conscious and individualist, but for me it also stands for celebration, liberation and the designs that come from remnants from my atelier.’ Her patchwork in this collection could be seen as a bigger perspective, as a form of creating new landscapes. Constructing a brand-new landscape between digital and traditional fashion techniques.

Icon photographer Vivian Hoorn shot the campaign image for the collection. Lookbook photography by Sophie van Hasselt. Fashion video by Jason Slijngard.

Completely in line with her love of craft and conscious mindset, the collection is showcased as a solo-exhibition at the Fashion for Good museum from October 1st 2020 to December 1st 2020.

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